Wear Cowboy Boots

  • Denim Shorts
    Well if you want to look like Daisy Duke then wearing your very own pair of cowboy boots with denim shorts is the way to go. This is a particular kind of style that might not be for everyone but could be for you. A casual outfit like this is great for hanging out with friends or even running errands. Wearing this ensemble signifies confidence and that no one can push you around. If you feel like going all the way, top it off with a cowboy hat and belt as well.
  • Denim Skirts
    Similar to shorts, denim skirts also look great with a pair of cowboy boots. Just pair it with a simple top and a nice big belt and you are good to go. Skirts will certainly highlight your legs when you strap these boots on. When going for the fun, girl next-door look, this is definitely the right outfit to go for. You can even wear this out to a party and really showcase your cowgirl style. Remember, you don’t have to be in the countryside to wear this kind of boots, even city girls can have fun with this particular style.
  • Sundresses
    If you are a fan of wearing dresses and have quite a few in your wardrobe then you should know that these could be matched with cowboy boots as well. Sundresses are the perfect outfit for the summer season and are good for matching your personal style with a pair of this kind of footwear. Avoid body-hugging sundresses and stick to those that are delicate, frilly and flow great with your legs. These kinds of sundresses go with boots like these and you can add a cowboy hat while you are at it.
  • Skinny Jeans
    Nowadays, skinny jeans are quite trendy and popular with most girls. If you love skinny jeans, then you are in luck because these go perfectly with cowboy boots. In fact if you are going for a subtle style then this is the best option to go with. Tuck your jeans into your boots and opt for a nice girly shirt to complete the outfit. Go as casual as possible and have fun with it. Avoid wearing formal shirts, as this will really achieve a cowgirl look, which might not be something you want to accomplish. If you choose to, black leggings could also go with these pair of boots.